Integrated Pest Management

The Seven Hills Vineyard sustainable viticulture philosophy is to grow high quality wine grapes with the softest approach possible. We use nature to combat nature, striving to minimize man’s control input. We are members of VINEA, a sustainable vineyard program tailored specifically to the microclimate of the Walla Walla Valley. VINEA partners with LIVE in Oregon to provide third-party sustainable certification through the European organization IOBC (International Organization for Biological Control). With a focus on soil biology and vine health, we farm using minimal inputs and earth-friendly environmental practices.

To enhance nature for biodiversity we plant wild native roses, perennial flowers, and clover for cover crop. We mow every-other row to leave enough grass in the alternate row providing food and habitat to host beneficial insects.

Soil health is directly related to quality. We observe a soft approach to the use of chemicals. Seven Hills Vineyard is continuously stimulating and inoculating for biological health in its soils with compost and compost tea.